I was born in a country that I love . . .

I love my country, but I also love other counties too . . .

I live in a country, but I long and love my own country . . .

I was born in a country but I dream & love another country, where I may never go . . .









We make shopping bags with loud LOVE statement:

I love a country, city, town, place

  • High Quality Material with Beautiful Pictures
  • Durable & Extra Strong for Multi-use
  • Eco-Friendly & Fully Recyclable
  • The Best Way to Say NO to Plastic Bags

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Idea & Bags

The idea of this project is to TELL, SHOW and SHARE with the world around you

your LOVE for your country or
your LOVE for a better country than your own or
your LOVE for a country or a place that you imaginably love . . .

BECAUSE we all belong somewhere, where we LOVE it and we want the world to know!

The 2 main sides of the bags have 2 different images from the country/place that you LOVE with the statement.
The 2 small sides & the bottom of the bags are free space for your imagination, personification, advertisement or the LOVE statement.

How to order

Contact us by phone or fill-in the contact form below. Make sure to include the names of the bags of interest (f.ex. MIAMI-2).

Contact Details:

Telephone: 1(888)965 6355

E-mail: support@iloveacountry.com

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